Planders Brochure Measuring Change 2023

84% of employees in the Netherlands do not really believe in the change capability of their organization.

The 4th National Change Capability Survey 2022 reveals that only 16% of Dutch employees are convinced that their organization can effectively deal with change. It is alarming to see how organizations are struggling with this.

The survey was conducted by the Business Fit Network among over 1900 working Dutch people and is available for free.

Planders contributed to the National Change Capability Survey 2022 because we see in our projects that many organizations have 'Change' high on their agenda and at the same time struggle with how to bring about those changes in the smartest and best possible way.

The research provides clear insight into the status of Change Management in the Netherlands. A Business Fitscan survey at the organizational level provides insight into the Change Management capability of one's own organization. This provides insight and actionable perspectives in change management projects. The effectiveness of interventions can then be measured.

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Certified BusinessFitscan Partner

To assist organizations in visualizing their change capability, making change faster, more successful, and enjoyable. With a thorough advice from the Business Fit consultant, we establish a validated foundation for a successful change.


To provide a better understanding of the situations where we use the Business Fitscan, we have translated various perspectives and questions into different programs. We have further developed three of them:


If you consider Verandervermogen important and have the following questions:

  • How do we consciously deal with Verandervermogen?
  • How do we ensure a common understanding of terms?
  • How can we improve?

Then we offer you a clear perspective.

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Implementation of projects

Do you want a "fit" and agile organization and do you have the following questions:

  • How do we consciously deal with this?
  • How do we ensure a shared conceptual framework?
  • How do we become and remain fit?
  • What concrete actions can we take now?

Then we offer you a clear perspective.

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Do you want your organization to be and remain fit, and do you have the following questions?

  • How can we make it concretely visible and tangible?
  • How can we keep track of the development?
  • How can we actively steer towards it?

Then we offer you a clear perspective.

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Bottom up innovation
Your employees are your best advisors. They provide a continuous stream of improvement ideas and innovations. The prerequisite is that the capacity for changes is good. Would you like to find out about the current state of the change capability? We can help you with that.

Continuous Improvement
To remain relevant, every organization must continuously improve and adapt. Success depends on the ability to effectively change. The Business Fitscan shows you te current state and follows the development over time.

Change capability of a department
Departments must also be able to change to become and remain effective. We identify any obstacles and provide advice.

The fitness/ change capability is crucial in transformations. We provide insight into expected bottlenecks and pitfalls in advance. We monitor it over time, so you can take measures from the beginning and throughout the process to increase the chance of success.

Merging two organizations is a complex process that often involves significant emotional and cultural differences. These differences can create risks, especially if different groups within the merged organization are unwilling to compromise. We can provide valuable insights into these potential risks throughout the merger process.

Leiderschap betekent het realiseren van veranderingen. De leider bepaalt het organisatie verandervermogen. Wij brengen de ontwikkeling in beeld.Leadership means realizing changes. The leader determines the organizational change capability. We visualize the development.

Tom explains in a podcast (about 40mins) how we create insight in change capability (Dutch).

Culture and its associated behavior are often the most critical keys to the desired change. The extent to which an organization is capable of dealing with change translates into its "change capability". We can measure the change capability of an organization. This often provides surprising insights and can lead to significant steps forward, resulting in more success for the organization and greater customer satisfaction as the ultimate result.


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