Project implementation

Are you looking to have a "fit" and agile organization and have you got the following questions:

  • How do we approach this consciously?
  • How do we create a shared vocabulary?
  • How do we become and remain fit?
  • What concrete steps can we take now?

We can provide you with a clear perspective.


When implementing projects, the change capability of the organization is crucial for success. We assess the risks and pitfalls in advance, so that timely adjustments can be made if necessary.

Example 1:
During the implementation of a new system and approach, everything had been thoroughly tested and aligned. However, there were signals that the organization was not yet ready for it. A Business Fit Scan was used to assess feasibility, revealing a significant risk. This was not due to unwillingness among employees, but rather due to a lack of understanding, prioritization, and high workload. Based on this diagnosis and advice, concrete measures were taken, such as postponing certain functionalities, better explaining the importance, and implementing suggestions. The project became one driven by the users, with commitment and significantly increased feasibility.

Solution 2:
Within the transformation program, a new system is being implemented as a subproject. The Business Fitscan "fitness" measurement showed that the necessity was recognized, but the users found the project unfeasible because many subprojects required the same people. The results were discussed in the Program Board, who decided to eliminate or postpone a portion of the functionalities in consultation with the users, without losing sight of the goal. With these insights and measures, it became possible to involve others, increase support, and prevent unnecessary loss of time.

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