Our clients' challenges are diverse and often require expertise from various disciplines. We or our clients often have much of the necessary expertise in-house, but if not, Planders has an extensive network of partners that we work with regularly. By doing so, we are able to bring together the best mix of knowledge and experience to tackle the challenge collaboratively.

Here are some examples of the partners that Planders collaborates with:

ICT Valley - collaborating centrally

Centraal bij ICT Valley staat de samenwerking in de ICT sector in de FoodValley regio. Dit geldt voor ICT bedrijven, onderwijsinstellingen en natuurlijk alle ICT professionals die nu in de ICT sector werken.

Business Fitscan

Planders utilizes the Business Fitscan and gains immediate insight into an organization's change capability when necessary. The Net Change Factor summarizes change capability in a single figure, providing a quick overview of the positive and negative forces at play. It is a key performance indicator that determines if the organization is changing thanks to or in spite of its efforts.

XLRIT Software Solutions

XLRIT is a software development company that builds high-quality software applications in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional approaches. They are transparent, fast, flexible, and reliable. XLRIT can support Planders with custom project software (such as inventories or checks) and can replace applications that are no longer performing adequately in a very short time (rebuild).