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Ooa Membership

We adhere to the core values of the Order of Organisational Experts and Advisers (OOA) to be a member. These core values include:

1. Expertise

Contractors use the knowledge, experience, competencies, skills, and time necessary for the assignment. Contractors make use of available knowledge and can explain and justify how they arrived at a certain advice or approach in an assignment. As a result, clients and colleagues are able to answer the question of whether the proposed approach and services provided are appropriate for the client's needs. In case of doubt, the professional as a contractor must demonstrate that he has worked in a (pro)professional manner. This obligation applies both to the client and to colleagues. The participating professionals keep their knowledge and expertise up to date through studying, education, coaching, participating in intervision or other appropriate methods.

2. Reliability

Being reliable means that the contractor keeps his agreements and commitments, observes confidentiality, and handles confidential and/or competitive (business) information that he has become aware of in the context of the assignment with care. In general, information that carries a confidential and/or competitive nature may only be used if it is necessary for the execution of the assignment or if legal regulations require it. When passing on this information, care must be taken to ensure that it cannot be traced back to the source unless the source has given permission or the information can be assumed to be generally known.

3. Carefulness

Being careful means that the professional service provider, as far as is reasonably possible, takes into account the wishes, expectations, rights, and interests of all parties involved. This also means that every conclusion can be made plausible in a sound manner; that the contractor is not only aware of the (side) effects of his activities within an organization but also of possible unwanted societal or other effects. Being careful also means that the contractor is restrained in giving judgments about people within the client's organization when carrying out the assignment. Such a judgment is only given if it is in the interest of fulfilling the assignment (and observing the professional core values). In such cases, it is done carefully, well substantiated, and with respect for the person(s) to whom the judgment relates. Carefulness also includes that, in case multiple contractors work for the same client, they arrange their mutual collaboration and information provision in such a way that the quality of the assignment execution and the client's interest always come first. In such cases, professional contractors hold each other accountable for compliance with the Code of Conduct.

4. Professional independence

In the assignment relationship, professional independence means that the contractor maintains sufficient distance from his assignment, his client, and his organization so that he can and will use his (pro)expertise unimpeded and to the best of his knowledge and ability. This is compromised when the contractor leaves out facts or insights that a contractor should not disregard in carrying out his assignment, because he is guided by personal interests or the interests of third parties. The participating professionals and organizations will do what can reasonably be expected of them in their capacity as contractors to prevent (the appearance of) conflicts of interest.


These four core values are not separate from each other. They derive their strength from their interdependence. In case of a conflict between core values, a careful consideration is required to determine...


The main code of conduct contains four fundamental values and is an essential component of the Code of Conduct for each organization mentioned above. Additionally, the Code of Conduct consists of specific behavioral rules for each professional group, which provide a detailed, profession-specific explanation and additional provisions for the core code.


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