Successfully implementing a new system or method in your organization?

Success is increasingly determined by the speed and ability with which your organization can adapt to the rapidly changing environment. We help you in your process of change. We focus not only on the hard aspects, but also on the challenges in leadership, employees, and culture. Because ultimately, you and your people together bring about the change.

Planders helps you to actually realize and secure the change

We do this with a select group of experienced, driven, and highly qualified change experts and partners who ensure that you can make better decisions based on thorough analysis and information. People and achieving results are our driving forces. We reduce risks and take measures to increase the success of your change and improve the future resilience of your company or organization. Both on an advisory and interim basis.

Who we work for

Your challenges

with working differently

Organizations need to adapt to the changing environment more frequently and rapidly. From task-oriented to customer-oriented. Or the transition to (more) Agile/Safe work. We have an approach for this or can formulate one.

with company acquisitions or mergers

Sufficient attention to the cultural aspects and differences of the organizations. In order to create sufficient integration and support, so that the intended synergy effects are also achieved.

with IT system implementations

We ensure that employees are taken along in the most effective way in the change, with the aim of achieving sustainable behavioral change and acceptance of the new reality.

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Our approach

(Interim) management

Whether it's about leading a change project, replacing one of your managers or directors, or supporting/coaching one of your managers or directors to make a substantial improvement, we are happy to offer our change expertise.

We make our change expertise available for you.


Change advice & guidance

We help you in your process of change. By analyzing your challenge, formulating actionable perspectives, and guiding you with the next steps.

Together, we determine the end goal and chart the course to get there. You are at the helm, and we travel with you as a navigator and sparring partner.


Measuring change capability

We are a Certified BusinessFitscan Partner.

This helps organizations to visualize their change capability, making change faster, more successful, and more enjoyable. With sound advice from the Business Fit advisor, we lay a validated foundation for successful change.


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