CSR and Sustainability

At Planders, we recognize the impact we can have on our immediate environment and the contribution we can make to it. We are also aware of the impact of our operations on the environment. We take these issues into account as important factors in many of our decisions. Below is a selection of the choices we have made so far.


Local involvement

Planders invests a minimum of 5% of the available hours pro-deo in projects/initiatives in the immediate environment.

Causes we support

Veense G-Band

The Veense G-Band is an initiative where people with intellectual disabilities come together to make music under the guidance of experienced music teachers and a group of enthusiastic volunteers. To make the band's story more visible, Planders sponsored, designed, and produced various communication tools for the band, including flyers and roll-up banners.

Foundation Friends of Landgoed Prattenburg

By organizing various activities, the Friends contribute to keeping alive and showcasing the rich history of Landgoed Prattenburg. In this way, the Friends contribute to the sustainable preservation of the estate with its cultural-historical values, natural values, and flora & fauna. Planders supports the foundation on a regular basis in professionalizing various communications, including certificates, flyers, hiking maps, etc. We also sponsor the electronic timing for the PrattenburgRun

Stichting Leergeld Veenendaal

Stichting Leergeld provides assistance to children from families experiencing financial difficulties in the Netherlands. Its 111 local Leergeld foundations, including the one in Veenendaal, ensure that these children have the same opportunities as their peers. This includes providing help with school supplies, a laptop, a bike, swimming lessons, sports, music lessons, or a birthday package. By receiving this support, parents can give their children the best and every child can participate. Planders donated the remaining stock of school supplies from the acquisition of Zelfkleuren.nl.

SchuldHulpMaatje Veenendaal

The Foundation aims to prevent and solve financial debt problems of private clients by offering guidance through adequately trained volunteers on a Pro Bono basis. To increase visibility and professional presence, Planders sponsored, designed, and created two beach flags in collaboration with Oxonia.


100% Solar power

The power for our office and electrical vehicles, comes from our roof.


We strive to use public transportation as much as possible for our travel movements. When this is not feasible, we aim to use hybrid-powered cars as much as possible.