We are not standing still, we are building along in our field. This is seen, and it is regularly rewarded with recognition in the form of an award. Here is an overview of the most recent awards.

Leading player 2023 according to

Recognized with the 'bronze' position among more than 500 players!

We are delighted to share that in the crowded change management consultancy market of 2023, we have been recognized by as a leading player. Recognized with the 'bronze' position among more than 500 players. This is a fantastic endorsement of our dedicated work and recognition of the impact we are making. For more information click <<<hier>>>

Most Innovative Change Management Consultancy 2023

Revolution in change management through result-oriented solutions and bundled expertise


In a rapidly changing world that demands adaptability and innovation, Planders BV has emerged as a change management pioneer. The Netherlands-based consulting firm has been awarded the "Most Innovative Change Management Consultancy Firm 2023"  award, underscoring their steadfast commitment to driving meaningful transformation and facilitating lasting success for organizations.