Do you consider Change Capability important and do you have the following questions:

  • How can we consciously manage Change Capability?
  • How can we establish a shared vocabulary?
  • How can we improve?

If so, we can offer you a clear perspective.

Solution 1:
Managing change capability starts with awareness, understanding the underlying change drivers and knowledge of one's own role in it. The Business Fit Workshop provides this insight and provides tools to get started right away.

What others say:

Session on change program: "The session really helped us think about what we're doing and how we should approach it."

Management team on the eve of transformation: "The workshop has made change capability much more explicit for our management team. We understand each other better and use the same language. The concept also provides a clear structure for our approach to increasing change capability in our organization."

Program management: "The workshop provides an interactive way to understand the steering options for concretely increasing change capability and thus greatly improving the chance of success. And by measuring it, you make it tangible and broaden support for the change."

Solution 2:
As a leader, you have a significant impact on the fitness and change capability of your organization. To support you in this, a package called "Workshop with Measurement" has been developed, connecting knowledge directly to practical application.

A package including a workshop and measurement has been purchased by an SMB+ board of directors to aid in the development of their management team and improve organizational agility. The first step was a workshop to increase awareness, establish a common vocabulary, and help participants understand their role and impact. Examples were provided to offer guidance. Following the workshop, a measurement of the organization's change capability was taken. The results were reviewed in a separate session and correlated with the workshop knowledge, resulting in the new knowledge being even more potent and readily applicable.

How does this work for you? We would be happy to discuss it with you.

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