Do you want your organization to be and remain fit, and do you have the following questions?

  • How can we make it concretely visible and tangible?
  • How can we keep track of the development?
  • How can we actively steer towards it?

Then we offer you a clear perspective.

For any forward-looking organization, it is important to be "fit" to be able to handle changes. Business Fitscan provides monitoring of this organizational competency.

Example 1:

A medium-sized institution had realized the need to work concretely on the fitness/change capability of the organization. The Business Fit Workshop was given to make the management aware of change capability and how to steer towards it, and a periodic Organizational Fitness Survey was started by Business Fitscan*. The results from the monitoring were and continue to be discussed in the extended management team and directly led to more employee involvement in the choices made by management.

*The Organizational Fitness Survey can be combined with the Employee Satisfaction Survey.

Example 2:
The Board of Directors values the ability of Business Unit employees to effectively navigate changes. They should be involved as much as possible, have a good understanding of the direction and actively participate. Business Fitscan's Organizational Fitness Survey expresses the "fitness" of each Business Unit in a KPI (Net Change Factor©) and provides justification for it. The Board of Directors and Business Unit management receive periodic reports and discuss it as one of the competencies to be developed by the organization. Imbalances are now identified in a timely manner and specific actions are taken in consultation with HR.

How this works? We would be happy to discuss it with you.

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