Tom Koppelman (Associate Partner)

  • Previous functions:

    • Lead Mentor at Brightlands Innovation Factory
    • Innovations Manager at APG
    • Marketing Manager at Robeco

Tom Koppelman is the owner and managing director of Net Change Factory BV and the founder of the Business Fitscan. He has held various leadership and management positions in different organizations and business units, with over 30 years of experience in areas such as marketing, communication, sales, ICT, and finance. With Net Change Factory, he focuses on strategy, agile working, and change management.

Tom Koppelman applies his knowledge and experience in his mission to assist companies and organizations in creating sustainable organizational change capability through dialogue. Many plans currently fail to materialize unnecessarily. Due to various reasons, new plans or changes are not sufficiently supported by the organization, resulting in new initiatives being at risk of failure from the outset. Tom has developed the Business Fitscan methodology to measure, steer, and develop the so-called organizational change capability.