Jaap Geerdink (Associate)

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Jaap Geerdink is an experienced Project Manager who has gained broad expertise in various aspects of IT services. He has successfully led projects in multiple IT fields, including application development, migrations, process communication, document management, and infrastructure projects.

Jaap excels in complex change projects with significant time pressure. He has a thorough understanding of project management and applies it in a pragmatic way. Jaap is focused on achieving results while keeping stakeholders, the environment, and the team in mind. He is appreciated for his goal orientation, drive, persistence, thoroughness, integrity, flexibility, and sense of humor.

For over 20 years, Jaap has been executing assignments as a project manager in various roles. Since 2012, Jaap has been working in an Agile/Scrum environment, mainly in the role of a Product Owner, IT Integrator, Agile Project Manager, or a combination thereof.

In his free time, Jaap enjoys sports and is a voluntary board member of "Stichting Het Zwembad" in Loenen Gld.


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