Sustainable: Thermal scan office Planders

Published on 25 March 2021 at 11:12

Last week, we received the advice regarding the thermal imaging scan that we can work with.

Over the past 2 years, all windows have been replaced with HR++ glass, the heating system has been divided into zones (only heating rooms that are being used) and hydronic balancing has been done, which has already resulted in significant optimization. In January 2021, we had a thermal imaging scan of our office location done to be able to address heat leakage in a targeted way, because wasting energy is truly pointless.

Early in the morning on January 25th, Teun van Roekel from the Energieloket Veenendaal visited our office location to perform a comprehensive thermal imaging scan.

A thermal scan is created using a special thermal imaging camera that captures infrared heat radiation. This is why it's also known as an infrared photo. The camera contains a microbolometer that heats up through infrared radiation. The temperature differences are converted into electrical voltage, which is then transformed into an image. Blue indicates cold and red indicates warmth on the device.

Fortunately, the scan did not reveal any major heat leaks. However, a few points of attention were identified that we will address in the coming years.

A thermal scan provides a good indication of the "sustainability status" of the property. We recommend it to everyone.