84% of employees in the Netherlands lack faith in the change capabilities of their organization.

Published on 1 June 2022 at 12:07

According to the 4th National Change Capability Survey of 2022, only 16% of Dutch employees are convinced that their organization can effectively handle change. It is concerning to see how organizations are struggling with this issue.


The survey, conducted by the Business Fit Network, involved over 1900 employed Dutch individuals and is available for free.


Planders contributed to the 2022 National Change Capability Survey because we have noticed that many organizations prioritize "Change" on their agenda, while struggling to figure out how to bring about these changes in a smart and effective manner.

The research provides a clear understanding of the state of Change Capability in the Netherlands.

A Business Fit Scan survey conducted at the organizational level provides insight into the Change Capability of one's own organization. This provides insight and actionable perspective for (change) projects, and the impact of interventions can subsequently be measured.

Here you can request your free copy of the recently published National Change Capability 2022 research report. ==> https://businessfitscan.com/nationaal-onderzoek-verandervermogen/