Drs. Gerard J. Th. Nauta MMC

After many years of working in senior management roles within various large consulting organizations, he developed the desire to fully focus again on what he is passionate about: experiencing change processes together with clients and making them a success.


In July 2020, after 15 years of working for large consulting firms, Gerard decided to change course, founded Planders BV and mobilized a network of collaborative partners.


Gerard is an energetic person who approaches life with a future-oriented and curious mindset. His strong analytical, communicative and social skills are characteristic of him. He uses them from an advisory and connecting perspective to create overview and insight in complex issues. This enables him to achieve sustainable results where necessary, combined with modern leadership. His clients recognize him for his ability to combine deep insights, context and vision with the ability to turn challenges into achievable and supported solutions.


After completing his business studies at the Rotterdam School of Management, he obtained a post-master's degree in Management Consulting (MMC) from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in 2016.



In recent years, he has been closely involved in setting up and shaping (project) organizations. He has been able to focus on the objectives that matter and develop broad support among stakeholders.


Previously, he was:

* Vice President Consulting Services at CGI,
* Partner at Ordina and
* Advisor at Berenschot, where he was also a member of the Works Council.

Gerard is chairman of the Friends of Landgoed Prattenburg Foundation and an active Rotary member.